As long as we’re talking about the groovy 60s, the angular, sketchy cartoons of Gene Deitch (father of Kim) were a staple of the decade, from Tom and Jerry to Tom Terrific. Fantagraphics recently published Nudnik Revealed, a retrospective of a series of animated shorts Deitch created to run before films of the time. (Apparently, where now moviegoers get ads for Fanta, they once got original cartoons.)

Anyhoo, Rembrandt Films has started a Nudnik tumblr for Nudnik clips, behind the scenes items, special Nudnik fan Fridays segments, and more. There’s also Twitter and Facebook. Even a 50 year old cartoon can do social media. 60s culture fans take note.

Deitch himself, who is now 89, has this to say:

“Are we now on the right path? Do zillions of Twitter one liners, gaglines, smarty retorts, lead us anywhere? Maybe they do. I’m into it myself, just having fun. But I wish I still had a chance to do something truly decent!”- Gene Deitch