Gantz, Hiroya Oku’s popular, super-violent manga about a team of operatives and their mysterious missions, is ending its run in Young Jump next year, it’s being reported. More than 30 volumes of the manga have appeared in Japan — in the US, Dark Horse is up to volume 20. It’s also been adapted into a TV series and two movies.


  1. Another 24 years befor Kentaro-sensei’s Berserk even gets completed. It feels like we’re not even half-way yet.
    Can’t wait to get the Gantz volumes. I read up to volume 28. Need to order the others ^_^

  2. To be fair to Berserk, it’s a monthly. So it comes out fairly slowly.

    On the other hand it has been going for twenty years or so now.

    Now, One Piece…

    That’s never going to end.