This interactive comic from Korea has blown up on 4Chan and Tumblr, although its author remains unknown. Just click and then scroll down. KEEP GOING. KEEP GOING. And make sure the speakers are on!

JUST CLICK WE’LL WAIT, in the unlikely event you have yet to see this.

A translation can be found here, but it’s completely superfluous. (And it also has an annoying autoplay KPop song, which you can turn off on the upper right.) As Sean T. Collins put it

Like Emily Carroll’s “His Face All Red” before it, this comic uses the unique properties of the web (albeit in a totally different way — you’ll see when you read it) to deliver an intensely uncomfortable experience. Read it yourself, preferably with your speakers on and nothing you can’t afford to drop in your hands.

Although gimmicky, this comic has clearly touched a nerve, having been reposted a zillion times on Facebook and message boards everywhere today. The first hit on “scary Korean comic” is Sherdog, an MMA forum. So people are looking and reading.


  1. Eek! I had Billie Holliday singing Solitude playing in the background in my office, which made it even more eerie!

  2. That actually scared me more than any horror movie I’ve seen in a long time.

    And it’s a good example of what you can do with interactive elements in a comic. Imagine interactive Junji Ito or Housui Yamazaki!

  3. There’s a difference between scary and startling, and jump scares are a cheat. If a digital comic gives you an electric shock every time someone gets punched I don’t think it makes the book any more “action packed.” It’s a shame too because I think the strip works fine without all the bells and whistles.

  4. My son showed this to me earlier. Gave me quite the scare -and him too (and he’s leaving for college next month)! A lot of fun and well-done!

  5. Okay, watched with the bells and whistles.

    It was far more effective as a series of still images. That turned it into a slow motion nightmare rather than the typical Hollywood jump scare it provided.

    Well done, either way.

  6. In what way is this ‘interactive’, exactly? It’s a media crossover, which I appreciate (incorporate elements of motion picture), but it is not really particularly interactive, no.

  7. I LOVED this–it scared the crap out of me, like the moment in Wait Until Dark when the silhouette of the attacker leaps across the lighted portion of our field of vision.

    This is the first real integration of comics and animation that I liked, because they complimented and with editorial purpose. Most comics/animation hybrids are (in my opinion) clunky; this was spectacularly successful.

  8. I’m bummed. I had this idea, and even did a few pages that worked like this, but I didn’t know how to make it interact with the web. Oh well. There’s more than one way this effect can work, and will probably become part of the new art form. Yes, I agree that jump up and say BOO! scares are “cheap” in a way, but they’re also fun. You can laugh about them afterwards. They just get old if you try to use them to many times.

  9. Sadly, not the scariest thing I have seen off 4chan. Maybe not the scariest this month. Well at least it didn’t have My Little Pony. Plus it didn’t make you do some silly difficult maze first.

    Neat little trick and I likes me some Asian horror comics anyway.