Toy Fair 2019 is upon us and for comic book movie fans that means a chance for potential sneak peeks at the hottest comic book movies courtesy of toy tie-ins. Earlier this week Hasbro previewed some of its Spider-Man: Far From Home goodies. Today Funko revealed its toy figures hitting shelves this April.

Sadly, Mysterio still not getting the love he deserves with the merch…for now. I think it’s safe to assume we can expect Mysterio properly represented as we get closer to the film release. Most likely at least two versions with and without fishbowl. Unless I’m mistaken, I believe this is the first Happy Hogan Funko Pop! figure. Surprised we’re only just now getting the Jon Favreau character in toy form.

Take a look below:

Join Spider-Man on his quest to keep the world safe. Bling out your keychain with the Super Hero wearing his stealth suit as a Pop! Keychain.


Bring home Pop! Spider-Man wearing his stealth suit, Pop! Spider-Man wearing his usual suit, Pop! Spider-Man wearing his upgraded suit, Pop! MJ and Pop! Happy Hogan