In case the title wasn’t enough of a clue


Much like last year when Funko announced its new Infinity War figures including Stone Keeper Red Skull less than a week after the film was out in theaters, Funko has a slew of new spoilerific Avengers: Endgame figures that are sure to sell fast. No official release date announced yet so be on the lookout.
Expect a LOT of Thor Lebowski cosplay at SDCC!
Bring home your favorite Marvel Super Heroes. The Hulk is getting a shiny makeover as a green, yellow, blue, orange, red and purple chrome Pop! figure. Collect them all to create a rainbow of Hulks; available exclusively at Walmart.

Thor’s looking casual as a Pop! figure clad in sunglasses and sandals. A 6” supersized Hulk Pop! is wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, but for how long? And Pop! Rescue is here to save the day.
Funko Avengers Endgame Thor Lebowski
Funko Avengers Endgame Hulk
Funko Avengers Endgame Rescue
A Pop! Thor holding the iconic Stormbreaker and Mjolnir is available as an FYE exclusive.
Funko Avengers Endgame Mjolnir


  1. Thor needs to look more like the dude; not the dude on slim fast. How disrespectful to a god can you be? I would love an Iron Man with Infinity Gauntlet for my Iron Man collection. Sweet.

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