For the last five days, wildfires have ravaged Southern California. Blazes from San Diego county to Ventura, near Los Angeles, have burned through over 150,000 acres of land and as of this article’s writing, are largely still not contained. Many homes have been destroyed over the course of this week, including one belonging to Kate Durré, a Production Manager at DC Comics.

Yesterday, a coworker started a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for Durré and her husband, who had recently purchased the land that “was to become their dream home.” Below, taken from the campaign’s site, is an image of what remains of that home:

As the starter of the fund, Lalida Chirasheve writes:

We, her friends and colleagues at DC Entertainment (Burbank, CA), are reaching out for support to help them stay safe and warm, get back on their feet, and help restore what can be of their dream home.   All monies raised will be given directly to Kate and Jonathan to buy whatever necessities they need to rebuild their home/life since they have nothing but the clothes on their backs.

It’s hard to underestimate how devastating these fires have been to the Southern California region. The phenomenon is currently the 19th largest fire in state records and only stands to grow as the days go by.

The campaign to assist the Durré family, who “have nothing but the clothes on their backs,” has raised nearly $22,000 in one day. It’s a hopeful sign that despite how chaotic the comics industry can be at times, in the end, comics is more than business. It’s a family.

Here’s a link to the campaign, once again, if you have the ability to contribute.