Plenty of speculative fiction explores the idea of “soulmate marks” or other methods of discovering a person’s one true match. The trope has been around for years and it often follows a specific formula, wherein strangers meet, discover they’re soulmates, and fall in love. In a web comic posted by Rhael McGregor on Twitter for Pride, however, the soulmate trope is explored in a different way. The comic, called Counting Sheep, follows best friends Kim and Addie as the former desperately tries to meet her soulmate, while the latter tries to help however they can.

In Counting Sheep, soulmates can visit each other in their dreams leading up to their 25th birthdays. With just days left before her own 25th birthday, Kim fears that she’ll never meet her soulmate, because she suffers from terrible insomnia. When Addie challenges her to think about happiness outside of the soulmate framework, specifically because they have feelings for Kim, things get complicated.

This short, sweet comic explores friendship and romance between a transgender woman and her non-binary best friend. To see more of McGregor’s work, follow @raysdrawlings on Twitter. Check out Counting Sheep in the Twitter thread below and grab copies of McGregor’s work or support through Ko-Fi via these links.

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