Alien Bones is the upcoming all-ages graphic novel from Star Wars Resistance writer Chris “Doc” Wyatt and Eisner nominated artist Chris Grine (Chickenhare). Published by 1First Comics, the story is everything a kid could ask for in two simple words: space dinosaurs. Wyatt and Grine riff on the fact that the giant lizards came before humanity on earth and play in a world where dinos were the original space travelers.
In a far off future, the ten-year-old son of an intergalactic paleontologist, Liam Mycroft, finds that his father has disappeared. It’s up to Liam, Diana, a robot named Standard-5 and their pet dinosaur to save all of humanity.
If it sounds like Alien Bones was made with kids in mind, you’re right. Wyatt tells Hollywood Reporter that his latest work is meant to inspire his son to keep learning and keep exploring. He says “I can admit that astronomy can sometimes seem dry and boring in the classroom, so I wanted to find a way to encourage my kid to think about the cosmos as an exciting place to explore and discover. He was interested, at the time, in dinosaurs — a lot of kids go through a dinosaur phase, and my son was no different. So, I thought: ‘What about kids having adventures with dinosaurs in space?’”
Alien Bones hits your local comic shop on October 2 and expands to bookstores on October 8.


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