The field of medicine is difficult, and learning how to become a doctor is equally hard. I’ve been working in the field of medical education for five years and it can feel arduous to get a proper grip on how it is done and how it can be improved. Dr. Isabel Hanson talks about her experience in the medical education and it was incredibly true and close to other accounts I’ve heard over the years. Extreme fatigue in medical trainees, depression, burnout, dehumanizing learning experiences and the expectation that once you’ve been trained with theory, you can recreate what you’ve learned and trained people on your own. This all takes a toll on the physician, but on the patient as well.

It’s an interesting look at the difficulties behind the world of medical education and how patients feel. The story is illustrated wonderfully by Safdar Ahmed with beautiful water colours and simple linework.

You can read the story over at The Guardian and you can follow Safdar Ahmed on Twitter


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