A very odd premise for the very eclectic and fun webcomic Noise by Katie Hicks. “A young demon named Geat struggles to fit in. With an obscure love for keytar infused slam poetry and a dark and brooding nature she finds it hard to relate to others. After an impulsive decision to run away from home she begins to question her art and if she will every be accepted.”

This is a quirky look at friendship, music and acceptance. It’s not complete, but it’s a good start for this series and a good introduction to her work. I love the ways she uses various shades of pink in this one, same with her use of blue for speech bubbles. This is a recurring element in her work, these vibrant colours really help to set the mood.

You can read Noise over at Katie Hick’s tumblr page. There are also a lot of other comics from Katie you can read over at her website. You can follow Katelynn Hicks on Twitter too!