Melissa Pagluica’s Above the Clouds recently concluded a successful crowdfunding campaign in October and will be available shortly in print format. I’s a lovely fantasy series with lovable characters and an engaging story. My colleague Andrea Ayres described this comic like this when she showcased it in her Crowdfunding Watch column back in OctoberIt’s a beautiful story with gorgeous illustrations (…) Pagluica’s artwork is dreamy. She deftly utilized washed-out colors and Art Nouveau-inspired details. The fact that this comic exists at all is a testament to Pagluica’s work ethic. I trust Andrea wholeheartedly, and you should too. Go read Above the Clouds, it’s about a young girl named Eily, a protagonist in a silent world. She’s given a book about a hero trying to save a great world tree from a dragon, but the story is unfinished and she tracks the author so they can finish the book.

You can read the webcomics in its entirety HERE. If you enjoy the web comics version, the physical book can be pre-ordered. You can follow her on Twitter and on her website

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