There’s an unending appeal to Dungeons & Dragons. It’s an endless source of inspiration. Sometimes a single images of a fantastic character can spark creativity and lead to fantastic things. Cayla Sander (who also goes by Kiranox) drew a punk version of a drow girl smoking a cigarette and decided to make webcomic about it. Blackburn is the story of Tyr, Sprig, Leo and Juliet, four girl going to high school in a modern urban fantasy settings and their ongoing trials and tribulations. It’s a charming webcomic, light and entertaining.

Cayla Sanders manage to mine a lot of comedy from her premise. A favourite of mine is a short story where our main characters are wondering about the reasons why golems were now classified as sentient being since they had no brain. It’s the kind of comedy that works “in a world” and it’s quite funny.

You can read Blackburn online and support it on Patreon. You can also follow Cayla on Twitter