A Frank Miller variant cover for this weeks Dark Knight III issue #4 has come under fire on twitter.

All of Miller’s variants for DKIII have been a bit, um, bold, with things like showing the outline of Superman’s junk and the like. This one has been castigated up and down the tweetosphere, although to be fair, the first version of it was a photo of an actual comic that distorted it to make it look even more…quirky.


A lot of artists find drawing babies very difficult, even the old masters who made a living painting nativity scenes.

I’m told that after overcoming his recent health issues, Miller draws all the time. All his talk in interviews about future books is not just talk but a burning urge to create and keep making comics.

James “Masterplasty” Harvey tweeted his own recolored version, which does look more “designy”



One thing;s for sure, Miller sure knows how to get attention, no matter what he does.

Just to cleanse the palette, here’s another variant for DKIII #4, this one by Paul Pope.



And for old times sake, a miller cover from The Comics Journal that someone tweeted.


Cg-38JfW0AARe6mPS: when I was writing this search, I did a reverse image search to try to determine where this image first surfaced. While I couldn’t figure this out. Google did suggest that these were images that it resembled, which I hope amuses you as much as it amuses me.


Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.06.01.png



  1. Is Dark Knight III any good? I honestly picked up the first two issues, but dropped it after that. And I must admit, I haven’t actually read it yet. DK2 was so horrible, I wasn’t going to touch this, but decided to at first. Then thought better… but maybe it’s actually good? I’ve heard way more about controversies, and way less about how the book actually is so far…


    Seriously. It’s not helping. Very few creators are like Johnny Cash, still doing amazing work even late into their careers and lives. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging when a genius has lost it.

    If you think you’re protecting him, do you want the future Google to be directing people who type in “Frank Miller” 25 years from now to DKII or III…or IV, V or VI?

  3. I happen to like both DKII and III, and almost all of Miller’s work. I’ve been a fan since the 80s. This cover is cool with me, aside from the tiny Mafioso papoose. The Google paralell you pointed out is actually quite astute for an algorithm. As others have said, the only problem with DKIII is the awful coloring. But I’ve never really felt the need to defend FM from his many detractors, as neither he nor I give much of a shit what they think. The work is the work, you don’t have to read it.

  4. I love that Millers work is still evolving. His artwork is becoming more and more primal, his storytelling more and more blunt.

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