Apparently, Frank Cho is drawing variant covers for the Rebirth Wonder Woman series. Since it’s a twice monthly book, that means 24 covers.

Yup, as you guys may have heard I’m the new cover artist on the Wonder Woman series. I’ll be doing the variant covers on the new Wonder Woman Rebirth series written by Greg Rucka and illustrated by Liam Sharp and Nicola Scott.

I can’t show you much more but Nei Ruffino, my colorist, is simply killing it with her fantastic colors. DC Comics should reveal the full colored cover images soon.

Cho is well known for drawing beautiful women, so this sort of makes sense. (His Marvel contract appears to be over as well.) Cho is also known for his offensive commissions on those “blank variant” covers. 



…I doubt the official variants will go in this direction, but you never know. In a way this points out comics’ mixed signals where female heroes are concerned. There have been at least two periods where covers of sexy babes were the main selling points of comics, the “good girl art/headlight comics” of the 50s and the “bad girl comics” of the 90s. Having a line of “sexy Wonder Woman” variants for those who hanker for good girl art seems like a sound marketing play, as long as it doesn’t alienate those who view her book as a series about a strong feminist role model. A little tricky. One would hope that the Greg Rucka-penned interiors will make the intended audience a bit clearer anyway. 


  1. Perhaps we should (pre)judge him by the covers he did for Dynamite’s Red Sonja?

    Also, although it’s been over a year, I don’t think DC has forgotten the hard lesson learned from Batman #41.

    Bobbie Chase, Jessica Chen, and Jim Chadwick are the editors, so I expect them to keep control.

  2. Why are we acting like Frank Cho is worthy of attention? He is just a cover jockey. Show some love to the guys and gals that actually draw the other 22 pages.

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