A former assistant is suing Frank Miller and his girlfriend, Kimberly Cox, for discrimination and mental anguish, the NY Post reports, although most of the complaint seems to be aimed at Cox.

Joanna Gallardo-Mills was hired as an executive coordinator in 2008, and claims Cox berated her for not speaking English and damaged her workplace by various strong means: including smearing it with feces, taking a hammer to a printer, and leaving a “used feminine hygiene pad by her desk.” Phone throwing was also involved, the suit alleges.

The Post gives no official comment from the Miller camp, but offers a quote from Cox:

Cox yesterday said she was “shocked” by the suit.

“We didn’t know this was going forward because she was offered a very heavy settlement and declined,” she said.

Cox is an actress with a cameo in THE SPIRIT, the film directed by Miller.

Miller and Cox have not been much in the public eye in the past year or so; Miller canceled some personal appearances due to health issues after last year’s HOLY TERROR was released. However that looked to be changing with production on SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR announced for this fall. Miller co-wrote the story and the script.


  1. Jesus Christ.

    Welp, whether any of that stuff actually happened is for a jury to decide. But if even half of the accusations are true, then it sounds like Frank Miller has found a mate who makes him seem perfectly rational and sane by comparison.

  2. My initial reaction as well.

    It would have been a much bigger surprise if she took the settlement and then sued anyway.

  3. In Frank’s day they would throw phones that had some heft, not those tiny things they have now.

    You know, it’s just that people like this… you know… they get all they want so they really don’t understand, you know… about a life like Frank’s. I mean, when you’ve loved and lost the way Frank has, then you, uh, you know what life’s about.

  4. Looks like someone’s liable to lose the shirt right off one’s um… back if they’re not careful. Not something to just shrug off, obviously.

  5. on one article the GF said she called the employee “ugly asian”

    well, this ex-employee’s got no make-up on. and the girlfriend’s picture looks like it’s been photoshop(i checked out other pictures of the GF and i was like, “god! you’ve got the serious case of “your old woman, get over it.”)

    must be some really insecure b****.

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