Since we’re rounding up some DC news, former DC SVP Publishing Strategy & Support Services Hank Kanalz has two new gigs.

He’s joined Immortal Studios as Head of Publishing. And he’s also at Clover Press as Publisher.

Immortal Studios is a content provider that specializes in comics and more in the wuxia genre, a fantasy/martial arts genre exemplified by things like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. So far their publishing efforts have been funded on Kickstarter; Kanalz has been brought in to help expand those efforts. You can read more about the company and founder Peter Shiao here. 

Clover Press is the boutique imprint founded by former IDW execs Ted Adams and Robbie Robins — they’ve been specializing in limited editions and variants since launching. As publisher, Kanalz will “oversee all publishing — selection of titles, schedule, solicitation/sales/marketing, and editorial. I also oversee our creative services & custom publishing projects, and am point on business and media development,” he told ICv2. 

Kanalz had a 24-year career at Warner Bros. wearing almost any hat you could name at various divisions. His last title at DC was part of a reorganization in 2019 that saw Kanalz taking over a third of DC’s operations. It’s safe to say he knows publishing inside and out, and Immortal and Clover will give him lots of room to flex.

The “where are they now” of former DC execs continues. Former co-EIC Michelle Wells is at Tapas. Vince Letterio and Jim Sokolowski are at Dynamite. Adam Phillips has set up his own company, Untold Stories. Former VP of marketing Jonah Weiland is happy puttering around the house again. Another former EIC, Bob Harras, seems to be taking a break. Fletcher Chu Fong and Stuart Schreck are currently available, so hire them! They are both beloved industry figures.