Do you like fighting bears? Do you like going shirtless? Do you like 8-bit video games with jingly soundtracks?

Then this Shirtless Bear Fighter game is for you. 


Screenshot 2017-06-20 12.36.34.pngIn the course of comics history there have been a few projects that were the result of a singleminded vision that changed the world – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dark Knight,     The Walking Dead.

I’m not saying that Shirtless Bear Fighter will be that kind of comic, but you can’t prove that it WON’T either.

Writers Sebastien Girner and Jody LeHeup have certainly taken upon the mantle of spreading the joy of shirtless bear fighting to the ultimate degree. And their passion shall not be gainsaid. Or stopped even. They are aided in their quest by artists Nil Vendrell and Mike Spicer and a battalion of variant cover artists who have taken up the fight with valor.

While the first issue of the comic drops tomorrow, they’ve upped the ante with the video game, in which you go around and punch and kick bears. The bears are hard to kill. You are easier to kill. This timeless, simple tension is what will keep you playing the game, along with the grunts of the men and roars of the bears. As you play, surely your imagination will supply the heat of the fire and the smell of sweat and leather and bear mingling in one transformative moment.

The game was designed by Nicol Hunt with music by Brendan Ratliff. And it’s totally playable.


Here’s a preview and a gallery of variant covers, led by Paolo Rivera’s comment on the hopelessly toxic days of mens mags.  But maybe the Nude Beariant Cover is the best one. I can’t decide. It’s all to epic too powerful and too shirtless.




  1. I would buy any super héros line with shirtless as a tag. Shirtless Iron Man, Shirtless Batman, Shirtless Avengers, …

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