Return with us to the days of Power Man and flat coloring. It seems 2014 has the same calendar as 1975, and in 1975 there was a Mighy Marvel calendar. Mark Anderson has scanned in the calendar and posted big JPEGS so you can make your own wallpaper or print em out for yourself.

This is actually a very spiffy calendar, and full of valuable information — Aunt May’s first heart attack! – even if doesn’t list conventional holidays, like Presidents Day, preferring to celebrate Baron Mordo’s Washing Day.


  1. I was going to bring it up in your annual “what would you like to see different” post, but could you credit the cartoonist/illustrators when you post their work like this?

  2. That’s just so awesome. New Year’s day says “happy new year Steve Ditko – wherever you are”. And we’re still wondering where he is.

  3. I still have the circa 1978 Spider-Man calendar and the circa 1980 Doctor Strange calendar. Of course, some noodnick always has to ask, “Why do you have a calendar from xx years ago?”

  4. i actually have this calendar and for a while i would bring it with me to the shows to have the artists sign the artwork they did for the month and have the wtiters and other personnel sign wherever a little pic of them appeared in the calendar. those calendars were a lot of fun. love all that old school marvel stuff.

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