The Human Fly is back. Who is the Human Fly, you ask? Well, he was the star of a 70s Marvel Comic, which was based on a real stuntman; the Marvel version ran for 19 issues and included tasty vintage Bronze Age art by Frank Robbins.

This new comics anthology revives him and ties in with an upcoming Human Fly movie to be directed by Steven Goldmann (“Trailer Park of Terror”) and produced by Alan Brewer (“Playing For Keeps”) from a screenplay by Tony Babinski.  The story (inspired by real events) involves an alleged Hollywood stuntman who claims that 60% of his body has been remade of steel after a near fatal crash. Adventure and mayhem ensues.

The 52-page anthology was edited by Michael Aushenker and includes art by an array of Californian cartoonists—Aushenker, Rafael Navarro (“Sonambulo”), John Heebink (“Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.”); Steve Kriozere (creator of Cinemax’s TV series “Femme Fatale”). Jason Baroody (“Combat Jacks”); screenwriter Babinski and Paul Mason—and a gallery of pin-ups by artists who worked on the original series, including Bob Layton, Al Milgrom, Don Perlin and Steve Leialoha, along with Gerry Talaoc, Steve Butler and Jim Rugg.

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE HUMAN FLY debuts on July 18 at the Cartoon Flophouse booth ( K-13).


Alternate cover by Laurence Pasteels


Covers by Michael Aushenker and Rafael Navarro


Art by Steve Leialoha


Inked art by Rafael Navarro


Layouts by Navarro


  1. I was going to say that every single comic book from my childhood has now been remade, but it appears that Marvel still hasn’t gotten around to rebooting The Champions. Did they lose the trademark?

  2. Ha! I just picked up an almost complete (and in great shape) run of Marvel’s short-lived series for .50 cents each at Heroes Con this year, in Charlotte! It was missing three issues, I believe. I gotta say, he’s got a great costume! (I’m being serious, too! Minus the whole rocket on the belt bit.)

  3. @Scratchie: They did. Matt Fraction’s The Order was originally going to be Champions, but it turns out Heroic Publishing has the name now (or at least did around 2007).

  4. Thanks Joe, that seemed like the only possible explanation. I’ll have to check, but until they start remaking/rebooting the Atlas/Seaboard superheroes, I think the Human Fly was the last remaining holdout.

  5. Scratchie — The Champions came back during World War Hulk if memory serves.

    And Atlas went through a relaunch/revival a few years ago. The Grim Ghost and The Phoenix were launch series. Wulf The Barbarian was supposed to debut as well but I’m not sure if it ever did.

    I, for one, was holding out hope for Cougar…

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