Lovely James Asmus has shared with us an exclusive first look at the cover for issue #3 of his upcoming Image miniseries The End Times of Bram and Ben, created by Juan Doe. It is LUSH.

The other three covers of this four-issue minseries will be drawn by a range of amazing artists, with Jim Mahfood on issue #1J.A.W. Cooper on issue #2, and Ben Templesmith drawing the final issue’s cover. Interior art will come from European artist Rem Broo.

The story of bloke called Bram whom God accidentally Raptures during the Apocalypse, The End Times subsequently sees The Almighty realise his mistake and throw Bram out of Heaven. Bram wakes up back on Earth, return to sender.

Aware that the end of the world is imminent and now armed with the knowledge of The Infinite,  Bram decides that the best thing to do with his unique perspective… is to immediately exploit it for his own benefit.

His poor old friend Ben is left to try and clean up the mess as Bram takes the world by storm — a few days before God does the same. The miniseries will be co-written by comedian Jim Festante, who describes it thus:

Why does religion paint morality as black and white? Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? If you’re doing what Satan wants, why would he torture you for eternity?

Um, we’re not sure, but End Times is a nice break from pondering deep theological thoughts.

Issue #1 of the miniseries is released January 9th, offering 32 pages for $2.99. Buy sixteen of them!


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