First Look: Chris Hunt’s pin-up for Paul Pope’s Escapo


Paul Pope is riding high post-Battling Boy and Pope fans are in for a treat in April with the release of ESCAPO, a remastered version of Pope’s long out of print 1999 GN. ESCAPO follows a circus escape artist who tries to use his powers to escape death and unrequited love. If that sounds like a Paul Pope-esque comic, you’re right!

The new edition, designed by Jim Pascoe for Z2 Comics, will be colored for the first time, by Shay Plummer, and include more than 50 pages of bonus content, a new 10-page story, an alternate ending previously seen in France, and, more germane to the present moment, a series of pin-ups by various artists.

Z2 sent along the pin-up by up-and-coming artist Chris Hunt to kick things off.

We’re told Escapo will be having a mega-launch party April 19th in NYC, as well.

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