Teaser final BM 1

Looks like comics and metal madness is everywhere in 2018. Babymetal is a huge cult band out of Japan that fuses a trio of cute Japanese girls singing heavier than lead metal songs. It’s a can’t miss formula and it’s getting a graphic novel this fall: Apocrypha: The Legend of Babymetal, which tells the story – with maybe a little exaggeration – behind the band. The art is by Super Pulp Science Magazine artist GMB Chomichuk.

The book is part of Z2’s line of music comics – previous volumes have spotlighted Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) and dj Paul Oakenfold. 

And here’s the first peek at the art! Looks pretty mood and metal to the max.

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The book will be available at all fine retailers in October. And here’s a video to get you in the mood.



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