Teaser final BM 1

Looks like comics and metal madness is everywhere in 2018. Babymetal is a huge cult band out of Japan that fuses a trio of cute Japanese girls singing heavier than lead metal songs. It’s a can’t miss formula and it’s getting a graphic novel this fall: Apocrypha: The Legend of Babymetal, which tells the story – with maybe a little exaggeration – behind the band. The art is by Super Pulp Science Magazine artist GMB Chomichuk.

The book is part of Z2’s line of music comics – previous volumes have spotlighted Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) and dj Paul Oakenfold. 

And here’s the first peek at the art! Looks pretty mood and metal to the max.

The book will be available at all fine retailers in October. And here’s a video to get you in the mood.


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