Where were YOU when you first saw the teaser image for Marvel FIRST?

Begin with the best super heroes in comics–Marvel does it FIRST!!

HUGE story coming soon to fans, worldwide.

Hm, could this be some kind of digital initiative?


  1. My guess is that this summer’s Age of Ultron reboots the Marvel Universe leading into this which will be all new number ones. No snark on this, but as a librarian, Marvel’s endless cycle of #1s makes my job confusing as hell.

  2. So Marvel Now! and then this? It’s not an impossibility, but I still can’t buy that they’re going to go back to #1s again. Other people are starting to think that it’s a major reboot. Not buying that, either.

  3. I saw speculation elsewhere that this is a jumbo-sized collection of all the #1 issues of the new Marvel NOW books. I think that’s the most likely explanation.

  4. while not impossible, i’m having a hard time believing that this promo means that marvel is gonna reboot their entire line and start over again with all new number one issues (especially considering that new number one issues are still coming out as part of the “marvel now” line or that almost all the books that they recently rebooted haven’t even reached their tenth issue yet, and that this book seems to be part of the “marvel now” line). i know that folks in the past have joked about marvel rebooting their entire line every six months, but for them to actually do it would be nuts. if i’m not mistaken this whole ultron “event” is gonna be over by june, hardly any time for marvel to beat the brass drum about a reboot with all the promotion that would entail to try and sell us on the idea so soon after the last reboot (just mere months ago). also consider the major storylines they got going on right now that would be disrupted with another major reboot. the original x-men in the present, avengers and x-men working out being on the same team, the hulk an agent of shield, cyclops now considered a terrorist, oh, and that whole doc ock in spidey’s body situation. is marvel really gonna finish up all those stories in the next couple of months to bring us a reboot by the summer? again, not impossible, but i really doubt it.

  5. @abc
    I am crazy…about selling comics. ;) I guess y’all will find out soon enough if anything is being rebooting or “re-kickstarted.” Regardless, I think a lot of people will be happy w/ this annnouncement. Some will not. And some will be “meh.” But there’s not much downside to it as I see it now….except I have to hold my tongue as to exactly what this is and will turn into for Marvel.

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