Fire Power, which is a new ongoing series due in May from writer Robert Kirkman and artist Chris Samnee, is now getting a prelude via an entire graphic novel.

Fire Power, on which the aforementioned due will be joined by colorist Matt Wilson and letterer Rus Wooton, is slated to launch in May (with a first issue hitting shops via FCBD). Dubbed Fire Power Vol. 1: Prelude, publishers Image/Skybound announced Thursday that the new graphic novel would tell the origin story of the series protagonist, Owen Johnson, across a volume that spans nearly eight issues of material and retails at $9.99. Any bonus Chris Samnee art is a very good thing in our book, but eight issues at that price point?! Yes please.

Anyway, the prelude OGN is due in comic shops on Wednesday, April 29, with the series proper launch taking place that Saturday (May 2) as Image’s offering for FCBD. In Fire Power, our aforementioned protagonist, Owen Johnson, is on a journey to China to learn about his birth parents, a journey that eventually leads to him ending up in a Shaolin Temple where students are trying to rediscover the lost art of throwing fireballs with their hands like Ryu and Ken in Street Fighter or Goku and pretty much everyone else in Dragon Ball Z (I have only old guy references).

So, yeah, get ready for April/May for all your Samnee/Kirkman/throwing fire needs. In the meantime, feel free to checkout some of the new preview art that good folks at Image/Skybound publicity have shared with the larger world. Enjoy!

Fire Power Fire Power Fire Power Fire PowerFire Power