Met’s pitcher Noah Syndergaard has styled himself as a real life Thor for a while. The 6’6″ fireballing righthander has the lineage, the hairdo and the fastball to back it up. In the past he amused fans by wandering around Times Square in a Thor costume and his Instagram is full of Thor images.

Given the strong Mets= Marvel connection – Spider-Man was married on the mound of Shea Stadium back in 1987 f’rinstance – it was only a matter of time before the connection became official. And its just been announced that Marvel will design a special Thor/Syndergaard bobblehead to be given away on July 22nd at the A’s game



As dramatic as this art is, there is one tiny problem. That is not what a bobblehead looks like.


Expect a few design changes in production.

There is also one other tragic problem. July 22nd is during San Diego Comic-Con. Will Marvel make this bobblehead available to those of us who are toiling hard at work during Con? Or must we rely on the kindness of friends who don’t collect bobbleheads?


PS: I haven’t seen an art credit for the Thor drawing yet, but Marvel CCO Joe Quesada is a huge Mets fan so …hm…