A white-hot inferno of a comics flame war is blazing on social media right now and everyone has to take a side to preserve life as we know it.

In one corner: Gail Simone, currently of Red Sonja but previously of every comic you ever read.

In the other: Fabian Nicieza, famed co-creator of Deadpool and long time Marvel editor and writer.

What sparked the blaze is a shocker: Simone’s claim that Cyclop’s eyebeams are heat vision.

Cyclops is one of the most problematic of X-men. To some a whiny, privileged brat, to others a tormented, disabled survivor. While the conversation over whether to just kick him to the curb while Wolverine and (adult) Jean Grey make out or just bury him in a tomb of adamantium has long been seen on social media, the new controversy has ignited a new war the likes of which the comics world has never seen.

The stunning claim started out on Facebook, and many immediately raised arms against this fake news:



22366717_10211877464084240_6133571659739664404_n (1).jpg

Some observers suggested that Simone was really testing to see whether it would be easier for male comics readers to think

a) Simone–a near 20 year industry veteran who has written every major character there is to write–didn’t know what she was talking about


b) Simone was just trolling them

…but such conspiracy theories were quickly dismissed as farcical.

Nicieza, summoning the vast powers of former X-men writer soon emerged to counter Simone’s earth shattering pronouncement.

And then it got cray. Simone defended her views while revealing dark secrets about Nicieza.

And Fabian shot back!

The feud has only escalated as the hours pass. Many have friended Nicieza to show support.

But in perhaps the biggest reveal of all, Simone, who fights to win, has enlisted Porgs to her side.


OR as good ol JR might put it, “THE PORGS! THE PORGS! THE PORGS!”

Porgs, if you don’t know, are the cutesy wootsy new aliens from Star Wars The Last Jedi that are expected to either be the new Ewoks or a sharp repudiation of all that is cute– while still selling a billion toys.

That’s how things stand at this moment. Cyclop’s eye beams have long been a source of controversy, but never has the fundamental debate over their nature ripped the comics industry asunder like this. Sides are being taken, Words are being exchanged. Blog posts are being written.

And nothing will ever be the same again.

Courage. We’ll survive this. We have to.

Writer C. W. Cooke summed it all up in this meme.


  1. Ah, something reassuring about a controversy being purely a nerd-fight, and not a proxy for culture war. (Though wait… someone will try to warp it into one..)

  2. It’s gail Simone so I automatically support the opinion of anyone who differs from her soc jus rrior that she is

  3. It’s nice to see comics creators can argue over this and not about sexual harassment in comics. Nicezia is a big time enabler/defender of sexual predators, so it’s good to see someone with a platform arguing with him over something that matters.

    The whole industry needs to go up in flames.

  4. Heidi,

    I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but other industries are taking their sexual abusers seriously. In comics, people like Nicezia say “oh, just ignore it” and then we all have a laugh while he argues some fictional character on-line.

    Yes, the whole industry needs to burn. Or Team Comics needs to start taking things seriously.

  5. “people like Nicezia say “oh, just ignore it”’ so not actually Nicieza just people like him? So he didn’t actually say it? Was it someone dressed like him? Someone with an equally unpronounceable last name? Or he did actually say it, and if so where/when?

  6. >>>I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but other industries are taking their sexual abusers seriously.

    Sexual abuse! The devil you say? Well, I never!

    Come on, man. Do you honestly think I’m not aware of this or haven’t experienced the same thing everyone is talking about? #yesallwomen #metoo

    The past few days have been some of the worst of my life and some of the hardest to process.

    Also, I’m not all knowing and was not aware of Fabian’s enabling. But since men are socialized (across all cultures) to accept harassment as a tentpole of masculinity, I’m not surprised.

  7. Bro how you gonna say Cyclops sucks then try to weigh in on his powers. Do you even read comics or just prefer to being a filthy fucking casual. Cause that’s literally what you are. Stop shitting on one of my favorite mutants just because you don’t like him. I literally hope you get fired from writing comics for getting this filthy if a fucking casual

  8. I love that something as simple as a fun feud between creators turned into a big damn deal. And by love I mean it’s insane.

    Thanks for posting the meme!

  9. Cyclops eye beams are non existent. He’s dead. Wait, he is dead, right? I mean it’s been more than a month since the last time he died so, he might not be dead. I only read Generation X in the mutant stable so I have no idea. Rats! This would have been kind of funny if he would just stay dead. What a freakin’ bummer!

  10. “Some observers suggested that Simone was really testing to see whether it would be easier for male comics readers to think…”

    Why male comics readers, specifically?

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