In a twitter video, purportedly originating from the BBC, Kevin Feige had an announcement about Kamala Khan:

“In the works,” he says.

It does make sense that they’d need to establish the Carol Danvers character first if they want to keep the comics general premise of Danvers inspiring Khan.

But here’s something to contemplate: in the comics, Ms. Marvel’s origin was that she was of Inhuman ancestry and was activated by that roving cloud of Terrigen Mist.  The Inhumans aren’t part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at this time.  They were on a TV show that everyone is trying to forget.  If the Fox acquisition goes through and the X-Men film rights are back at Disney, will Kamala become a mutant?  Will the Inhumans join the MCU?  Will she get her powers a different way?  Hard to do that origin without introducing Terrigen Mist first…

And will this be a PG film, courting a slightly younger audience, instead of the usual PG-13?

Many questions and it isn’t clear how far along Feige’s plans may be.


  1. The Inhumans are already part of the MCU. Even if you discount THE INHUMANS TV series, the concept has played heavily in AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. which has definitely tied into the films in a number of instances. Even Terrigen was introduced there first.

  2. If it’s not appeared on screen in the films, it’s not in the films. No responsible director would count on the audience having watched the TV show.

  3. You are absolutely right that the concept will have to be reintroduced if brought to the big screen. What I’m saying is that due to their involvement with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is part of the MCU, the Inhumans are part of the MCU.

  4. The movie could easily pick up on the Terrigen Mist without explaining in detail the background of it or the Inhumans. People can see that it was some strange mist gave Kamala Khan powers. Some fans would get the reference, while others wouldn’t, but I don’t think it would deter from the enjoyment of the movie.

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