Nerd girl fashion is popular…and stylish. Her Universe, the fashion line started by Ashley Eckstein, has been setting the trend for much of this and now they’ve teamed with Hot Topic to offer a line of Avengers outfits. Rather than cybernetic body armor and purple pants it heads more towards fishnets and sleeveless dresses. You can pre order it here.

The line was designed by Amy Beth Christenson and Andrew MacLaine who were the winners of the Her Universe “Geek Couture” Fashion Show at last year’s Comic-Con. So it’s a real cinderella story here.
The line includes:


Captain America Halter Dress, $59.50


Thor Sailor Dress, $59.50


Stark Industries Bomber Jacket, $54.50


Black Widow Dress, $44.50


Black Widow Belted Jacket, $64.50


Loki Halter Dress, $59.50

Hot Topic is offering a full line of Avengers gear. In fact while I was writing this piece I discovered these Marvel combat boots. So many cool things, so little closet space.