Marvel Comics has announced a new series of interconnected titles that will introduce a new character to the Marvel U. The Prodigal Sun series kicks of with this summer’s Fantastic Four: The Prodigal Sun #1, before continuing in series featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Silver Surfer. The FF’s initial encounter with Prodigal will be written by Peter David, with art by Francesco Manna.
Here’s how Marvel describes Fantastic Four: The Prodigal Sun:

In the story of FANTASTIC FOUR: THE PRODIGAL SUN, Prodigal crash lands in the Savage Land where a clan of barbarians begin treating him like a god. But it’s up to the FF to stop those barbarians from taking over the world!

The title of the series is evocative of the biblical parable of the Prodigal Son, and raises the question of who Prodigal may be related to. Is his landing in the Savage Land a possible clue to his identity?
The structure of the story as three interconnected standalone books sounds similar to what Marvel has done over the past year with series like Wakanda ForeverTyphoid Fever, and The Best Defense. Those stories were all made up of individual one-shots, though, whereas it sounds like The Prodigal Sun will be a series of miniseries. No details yet on how many issues the Prodigal Sun minis will be.
Check out the cover for Fantastic Four: The Prodigal Sun #1 by artist Mico Suayan below, and look for the book in stores this summer.


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