ChocochumpThe wonders continue to unfold over on the newly refurbished and enhanced Fantagraphics website. For instance, they are now running free webcomics, and the first is “Chocolate Cheeks” by Steven Weissman. Now, to be honest, in order to get to the comics, you have to sign up in a way that might please the Dept. of Home Security—they want everything but your shoe size. But still, it’s STEVEN WEISSMAN! When asked for this kind of information, The Beat always uses a well disguised alias.

Meanwhile, over on Flog, they ask you to guess who this cartoonist is. The answer may surprise but to play is FREE!


  1. Hey folks, for what it’s worth, we’re adding Weissman’s strip to the homepage — thank you all for pointing out how hidden it was. We’re also looking into a more streamlined registration process. Registration for our website content and for our online shop was originally integrated into a single process to allow people to place orders AND access exclusive site content with a single login. This may change. In the meantime, don’t worry, all the information you provide to us is confidential and will NOT be shared.

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