200801290335On the other hand, if women in comics are responsible for this kind of thing, then we must say it is time to call a halt:

June Manga invites you to join the Mile High Club in All Nippon Airlines: Paradise at 30,000 Feet by Kei Azumaya!

ANAL – All Nippon Air Lines – is a unique airline company. All of its employees are beautiful gay men. On top of that, relationships between employees, or even between passengers and employees, are highly encouraged! This is of course the premise for many hilarious situations and strange adventures both for them and for their passengers.

“This is pretty much all the staff member’s favorite title to work on this year,” explains production manager Fred, “It has gotten us into all kinds of trouble with its somewhat controversial title!”

To celebrate the release, June Manga is producing a limited edition dust jacket. “The bookstores didn’t want to actually see ANAL written on the cover,” explains sales manager Eric. “But the play on words is what really makes the book unique. We figured a limited edition dust jacket would be a way to give the fans what they want, but also make the bookstores happy.”

DMP/June is the publisher behind this effort.


  1. What? are you kidding? I would buy this book for the title alone. In fact, I will! It’s time we women show the world that we can be as filthy-minded, perverted and lowbrow as anyone you’d find at *******. Oh wait, you’ve seen my work so you already knew that.

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