90s nostalgia, baby! Faith No More, a seminal MTV band that had great success with the whole hip hop/metal thing before hip hop won, is back with their first album in 17 years, since 1997’s Album of the Year. But a new studio album, Sol Invictus drops on May 19th, and the first single has just debuted on, because a) bassist Bill Gould is a big Kirby/Silver Surfer fan (chatted with in link by Ryan Penagos) and b) the debut single is called “Superhero” and Marvel publishes Superhero comics. The album above also has echoes of childhood interest in superheroes, fusing the briefs-only look of Marvel Heroes such as Submariner and The Thing with a hooded look similar to, uh, Stray Bullets.

I am excited by this, but not as excited as I would by by a new Mr. Bungle album. Although it could persuasively be argued that all of modern life is a Mr. Bungle album.


  1. I’ve always loved Patton, Mr. Bungle especially…but I haven’t really dug either of the new singles they’ve released for this album so far :-/

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