Facebook is coming for our 🍆, and SFSX (SAFE SEX) writer Tina Horn has words for them [NSFW]

In these tumultuous times, here's why SFSX (SAFE SEX), is a necessary read


Tina Horn has been at the forefront of the queer and kink communities for years. As a journalist, author of multiple books, and public advocate for sex positivity, Horn has talked to countless sex workers, pornographers, and people who just like having sex…aka, everyone. Now Horn, along with artist Michael Dowling, colorist Chris O’Halloran, and letterer Steve Wands, is taking her advocacy into comics in the form of the new Image series, SFSX (SAFE SEX).

In SFSX, we follow Avory, an independent young woman who has been forced to repress her sexual desires thanks to The Party, an ultra-conservative organization that has placed strict regulations on sex, both in public and in private. People are assigned “purity scores” and processed by the Pleasure Center for deviancy. A former member of the sex dungeon/club the Dirty Mind, Avory has tried to assimilate into this new America alongside her partner, George. However, when Avory runs afoul of the Party in spite of her best efforts, she has no choice but to go on the run and turn to her former colleagues in pleasure for help.

Watch as Horn reveals the inspirations behind SFSX, ranging from our “insidious” American political climate to her life in the Bay Area. She discusses the censorship online communities face when they try to express their sexuality in a way deemed by a select group to be obscene. She explores the secret to writing good dirty talk, too. A Handmaid’s Tale for the modern era, SFSX is a comic you have to check out.

SFSX #2 Cover

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