A new Tumblr from Sam Humphries devoted to Storm’s acting out moment. Art here by Phil Noto.


  1. Great Tumblr idea, followed!

    Some may not know how Storm got her mohawk. It began as a doodle. In 2009, John Byrne had this to say when asked his feelings upon first seeing her in print.

    “Disgust — but that was because I knew the backstory. The Mohawk Storm
    was a version Smitty had turned in as a joke. Alas, when it comes to the X-
    Men, at least in those days, there was no such thing as a joke. Magneto
    being a good guy and becoming a teacher at the school began as a joke in an interview. The X-Babies began as an Art Adams doodle. Etc, etc.”

    Clearly he wasn’t a fan but I loved the change and it made me really like Storm at a time when I mostly overlooked her.

  2. Cool drawing.
    Byrne kind of drew her on autopilot…loved Paul Smith’s version at the time. Beautifully drawn…she actually became a better character after the look.

  3. So all it took for the character to become relevant to you is for that character to look like someone else entirely. Maybe they should put a bucket on Wolverine’s head and he’ll gain a whole new generation of fans.

  4. “The Mohawk Storm was a version Smitty had turned in as a joke.” Never knew this. I kind of think Storm was TOO much the “peace and calm goddess-type” character for any writer to do much with. But after she “bonded” with those space-whale things next thing you know she’s stabbing that Joan Jett-looking Morlock. And hey, works for Logan so…

  5. That’s basically how Wolverine started out till they overlaid Clint Eastwood’s movie personality onto him with great success. It was a good fit-the guy who plays him now even looks like a younger Clint. Storm was going through a phase and it was a memorable one, very well drawn and in its time. That’s why is still fondly remembered (unlike a black suited Spiderman about then) You have the character you want back now . Hopefully she’s not moping all day like the rest. Kind of the rare even-headed character.

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