We’ve been following the successful Kickstarter campaign of the Latinx graphic memoir La Voz De M.A.Y.O. Tata Rambo for a while. Written by Beat alum Henry Baralas with art by J. Gonzo, it’s a memoir of Barajas’ great-grandfather, Ramon Jaurigue, an activist, WW II veteran and civil rights leader who fought to help the Yaqui people stop the City of Tucson from taking their land and displacing families to make way for the Interstate 10. Jaurigue also founded the Mexican, American, Yaqui, and Others (M.A.Y.O.) organization.

The first issue of three was successfully funded, but we can announce that Top Cow will help publish the remaining issues of the series. (Barajas is Top Cow’s Director of Operations.)

The book, which is edited by Claire Napier with letters by Bernardo Brice, is a reminder that the story of inclusion and the fight for equal rights goes far back and has many heroes, sung and unsung. By telling his great-grandfather’s story, Barajas is shining a light on the many heroic acts that take place every day, every where.

“We have never taken on a project like this before,” Top Cow President and COO Matt Hawkins said. “La Voz continues the long-standing Top Cow tradition of breaking out new, diverse creators while uplifting marginalized voices the comic book industry often ignores.”

“I’m honored that I get to tell my Tata’s untold story to the world. Our strong guerrilla marketing Kickstarter campaign proved that there’s a thirsty market for authentic Latinx and Native stories,” said Barajas.

“We’re so grateful for the backers who secured the funds for our first, independently produced issue during the campaign, and we can’t wait to get them their completed first issue. Banging the drum for our Kickstarter funding was exhausting, though, so having the support and infrastructure of a practiced publisher to rely on for the remainder of production is a huge relief. Our focus will be able to be completely on the creative work itself—making sure this important story is told as well as it deserves,” editor Napier adds.

“I am filled with gratitude for all the Kickstarter supporters who ensured the success of this project and elevated its stature enough to gain the attention of Top Cow,” added artist Gonzo. “The independent spirit that founded Top Cow has manifest in a long tradition of diverse voices within the comics industry, and I can think of no better champion to help shepherd this project into its next stages.”

The book is planned for release in mid 2019.

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