Statix Press has announced, as part of the Druillet Masterworks series, the upcoming release of Yragaël and Urm The Madman. Featuring the artwork of comics legend Philippe Druillet (Heavey Metal, Loan Sloane) the collected adventures will be published this August.

This marks the first time the adventures of Yragaël, the Doomed Prince, and his unfortunate progeny, Urm will be available together. Originally published in 1974, the epic cosmic opera follows the father and son of a distant future Earth with humanity near extinction. The stunningly complex visual design of Druillet is dizzying feast of surrealism that continues to astound some 40+ years later.

Win Wiacek from Comics Review captures what is so unique about the world of Yragaël and Urm beautifully in a 2010 review:

This isn’t a tale told, it’s a mesmerising, breathless act of graphic expression. If it helps think of it as ballet or a symphony rather than a novel or play: you’re supposed to go “wow!” not “a-ha!

With writing from Michel Demuth, the incredible story of Yragaël and Urm stands to greatly benefit from a modern revitalization and release.

Cover and preview interiors of this incredible work can be seen below, courtesy of Statix Press:

Cover for Yragaël & Urm The Madman
Preview Interior 1: Yragaël & Urm The Madman
Preview Interior 2: Yragaël & Urm The Madman
Preview Interior 3: Yragaël & Urm The Madman
Yragaël & Urm The Madman
Writer: Michel Demuth
Artist: Philippe Druillet
Publisher: Titan Comics
Imprint: Statix Press
FC,128pp, $34.99
On Sale August 22, 2018
ISBN 9781785864216


  1. As a follow-up: What ever happened to Lone Sloane volume 3? It would be nice if Titan could follow through on that.

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