I’ve already pegged this as potentially the debut of the year, and with Liberator #1 now available for pre-order, we get a sneak peek at the new artistic team.

Liberator #1 - Tim Seeley
Liberator #1 – Tim Seeley

When Black Mask Studios went live back in February, it was Occupy Comics with its star studded roster that understandably stole the headlines. Yet out of the other books lined up, there was one in particular I was already looking forward to. Liberator, with its glowing praise from Scott Snyder, Steve Niles, Chris Burnham, Jimmy Palmiotti and others, had smashed its Kickstarter target earlier that month.

Yasmin Liang variant #1
Yasmin Liang variant #1

The tale of masked vigilantes who put their lives on the line to save abused and mistreated animals takes a central message from We3 and Morrison’s Animal Man run and applies it to the real world. It’s gritty stuff with an emotional punch – all the more so because writer Matt Minter has experience within the animal rights movement, as well as being a dedicated animal rescuer today. His portion of post-Kickstarter profit is already earmarked for dogs in need. Moving on the outskirts of those movements myself, I’ve been astounded at the level of danger these people find themselves in – from legal acts only – and it’s my hope that Liberator will bring more attention to the great work being done.

Liberator #0
Liberator #0

Liberator is also looking pretty good from a pro-women point of view, with one of the two lead characters being a woman, and one without fishnets at that!

The original artistic team had Joel Gomez on pencils/inks and Beth Sotello on colours, but sadly they parted ways after the completion of #1. Backup (and amazing!) artist Yasmin Liang (Steed and Mrs Peel) and letterer/editor Vito Delsante continue with the new team: Javier Sanchez Aranda on pencils/inks and colourist Joaquin Pereyra, who are redoing #1 – with no delay to readers.

The cover of #0, available at MoCCA, is by the new team, as is our exclusive peek at a page from #2:

Liberator #2
Liberator #2

Liberator #1 (of 4) can be pre-ordered now using Diamond code APR130919, and is published on the 19th of June.

Liberator 1
Writer: Matt Miner
Artist: Javier Sanchez Aranda
Colourist: Joaquin Pereyra
Letters: Vito Delsante
Cover Artist: Tim Seeley
Editor: Vito Delsante 
Publisher: Black Mask Studios
Diamond Code: APR130919


  1. I can hardly wait for the first issue-the pictures and colors are wonderful and I know the writing will be top notch! I have read other things written by Matt and truly believe he has important things to say….And I am an unabashed fan and proud of it!

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