Xena Warrior Princess has been a beloved character on television and the printed page for years. The cult show starring Lucy Lawless impacted viewers young and old, especially young girls who finally had an iconic character to emulate. She was strong, fierce, and completely at ease with being herself, finally giving many the representation they needed. Love for the character continues thanks to Dynamite Comics and their line of comics starring Xena and her ever-loyal companion Gabrielle. Xena Vol. 2: Mind Games is one such example.

In this 120-page trade paperback, a new adventure begins. A young girl flees for her life and from her parents. Xena and Gabrielle must determine if the girl is a visionary or a demon. Unfortunately for everyone, the Oracles of Delphi have already decided, and what does that mean for our favorite heroines?

The story is brought to you by writer Erica Schultz (Charmed, M3, Twelve Devils Dancing) and artist Vicente Cifuentes (Aquaman). The trade also features a cover by Sergio Davila.

The book is slated for release on Wednesday August 14. Grab your copy at your favorite local comic shop or head over to Dynamite’s website to place an order. Check out the complete first chapter of Xena Vol. 2: Mind Games here.