The Beat is bringing you exclusive previews for Cutting Edge from Statix Press, a new fantasy-adventure series. Statix Press is an imprint of Titan Comics that’s dedicated to bringing the best of the European comics scene to English-Language readers. Each weekday we reveal a new cover for the forthcoming series, and an exclusive interior page that highlights one of it’s main characters leading up to the debut of the trailer for Cutting Edge. Check out day one, day two, day three, day four, and day five.

It’s been a fun five days taking you between the covers of Cutting Edge: A Siren’s Song and getting to know the five contestants participating in the mysterious competition helmed by the powerful Leviathan Corporation. Before we wrap our six days of exclusives with the premiere of the trailer for Cutting Edge, let’s recap the cast we’ve met so far.

First up was Hiroshi Itou: a genius mathematician, respected academic, and Nobel Prize-winner. Next we were introduced to Delroy: a secretive, seductive, and deadly professional skilled in the art of combat. After that came Stella Orsini Del Giglio, the last heiress to a family wealthier than many countries, who has recently suffered a scandal. We also met 24-year-old photo prodigy Jirakee Walker, followed by Mark Underwood: a social psychologist who might know more than his fellow contestants about the true nature of the competition.

Cutting Edge: A Siren’s Song comes from the mind of Italian fantasist Francesco Dimitri with art by Marvel/DC artist Mario Alberti, and is presented in English for the first time by Statix Press. Issue one is due out May 20th. Back on day one, editor Jake Devine offered The Beat an exclusive outline of what to expect from the forthcoming series:

Cutting Edge: The Siren’s Song revolves around five main characters, all geniuses in their respective fields, brought together by the mysterious Leviathan Corporation – one of the most powerful and secretive organizations in the world. These great minds are set a challenge of epic proportions: the Dodecathlon.
They will have to put aside their competitive instincts and form an unlikely alliance in order to fulfill the quest, and uncover the mysterious truth behind it all. But as the conspiracy is unveiled, how many will survive…?

Without further ado, we present the trailer for Cutting Edge: A Siren’s Song.

Series artist Mario Alberti was reached for comment on how he met and teamed up with Dimitri on Cutting Edge:

It all started for me reading Francesco’s (Dimitri) Alice nel paese della vaporità: it was like I could see the stuff he described! At the time I was looking for a new project, I reached out for him and we ended up discussing “Edgers” [their term for the main characters] and weird time-travel

Alberti also explained how the project played into his artistic process:

I never draw a line without some music that soundtracks my day and here I have a story revolving around an old jazz guitarist and a siren. What could be better?!

Just when you thought we didn’t have any more exclusive content for you, one final bonus! We’ve had an update to the cover we previously posted on day four. Apparently the version we went to press with wasn’t the final version of the image from artist Marco Turini. Take a look at the finished piece below:

Cutting Edge cover by Marco Turini.
Cutting Edge cover by Marco Turini.

That concludes our exclusive look at upcoming series Cutting Edge from Statix Press. You’ve met the five “Edgers” at the center of the series, who represent the titular “cutting edge” of what humanity has to offer. You’ve seen a cover by Butch Guice, two versions of the cover by Marco Turini, and of course, the covers from series artist Mario Alberti. Now you’ve seen the series trailer. All that remains is for you to check out the first issue when it hits stores in May.

Cutting Edge: A Siren’s Song #1 is on sale May 20th.