The Beat is bringing you an insider’s look at Cutting Edge, the new fantasy-adventure series from Statix Press, the Titan Comics imprint dedicated to bringing the best of the European comics scene to English-Language readers. Each weekday we reveal a new cover for the forthcoming series, and an exclusive interior page that highlights one of the five main Cutting Edge characters. Check out day one here

You’ll have to forgive us, dear readers. In our haste to present your exclusive look at the first cover for Cutting Edge, the new Statix comic series written by notable Italian magical realist Francesco Dimitri and drawn by Mario Alberti, of Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man/X-Men fame, we neglected to introduce the character revealed in the first interior page we posted yesterday.

But before we make that introduction, here’s a summary from series editor Jake Devine to reacquaint you with the series plot:

Cutting Edge: The Siren’s Song revolves around five main characters, all geniuses in their respective fields, brought together by the mysterious Leviathan Corporation – one of the most powerful and secretive organizations in the world. These great minds are set a challenge of epic proportions: the Dodecathlon.

They will have to put aside their competitive instincts and form an unlikely alliance in order to fulfill the quest, and uncover the mysterious truth behind it all. But as the conspiracy is unveiled, how many will survive…?

Yesterday we met the first of those five characters on the interior page we revealed to you. Here it is again for your viewing pleasure:

Interior page for Cutting Edge. Art by Mario Alberti.
Interior page for Cutting Edge. Art by Mario Alberti.

Meet Hiroshi Itou. From Statix: “In addition to being a genius mathematician, Itou is one of the most respected academics in the world. He is so devoted to his work, that on two occasions he has refused the noble prize in physics because he needs the time to work. His knowledge of computers, data and technology will be a crucial asset to the team. But will his timidity cost him his life?”

Now that we’ve sorted out that introduction, get ready to meet the second of the five characters at the center of Cutting Edge in this second exclusive interior page: Delroy.

Cutting Edge interior art by Mario Alberti.
Cutting Edge interior art by Mario Alberti.

Here’s the inside scoop on Delroy, a guy who certainly seems to enjoy a good party, from Statix: “Delroy: the most secretive character of the five. No one knows his surname. No one knows his profession, and he certainly isn’t going to tell anybody about his past. Yet he’s always the one everyone’s got his or her eye on. His main skills include seduction, combat, manipulation and improvisation. He may not have the same academic skills as the rest of the group, but if you underestimate his genius, it may be the last thing you ever do.”

Today’s cover reveal treats us to our first look at all five main characters for the series.

Cutting Edge cover B by Mario Alberti.
Cutting Edge cover B by Mario Alberti.

That’s Hiroshi, the mathematician in first position, and the Bond-like Delroy in fourth. Who might the other three be? Statix describes the principle characters as modern versions of Leonardo da Vinci or Shakespeare, the “cutting edge” of what humanity has to offer, so anyone could be up next.

We’ll pull back the curtain on one of the two women pictured for you tomorrow, and clue you in on the notoriety her considerable power couldn’t save her from.

Cutting Edge: A Siren’s Song #1 is on sale May 20th.

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