IDW announced new five-issue mini-series Sea of Sorrows on Thursday, with Road of Bones creators Alex Cormack and Rich Douek leading the team. Debuting in May, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Sea of Sorrows will explore historical horror in the immediate aftermath of World War I.

The story follows the crew of the SS Vagabond, a ship hired by a former naval officer to find a sunken U-boat that allegedly holds covetable treasure. Alas, that’s not all that’s waiting underwater for the SS Vagabond crew. Plus, there’s the added danger of a double-crossing crew on the surface whose only concerns are themselves.

“In terms of writing horror, I’m really excited to delve deeper into the world of fright and dread, and I think the combination of a diving crew, and a horrific sea creature stalking them, is prime territory for a terrifying tale,” writer Douek told The Hollywood Reporter. “With Sea of Sorrows, we wanted to take the mix of horror, history, and mythology — everything we loved about creating Road of Bones — and bring it to an all-new place.”

Artist Cormack said, “When approaching the art for Sea of Sorrows, I wanted to keep that noir feeling as I did with Road of Bones. Though set in color, I went at it as though it would be in black and white — the character designs are influenced from the World War I time period and the setting appears so isolated and menacing, it’s as though anything could pop out at you from around any corner, even if you could see for miles and miles.”

Sea of Sorrows #1 will be available at your local comic shop in May. The first issue features a main cover by Cormack, as well as a retailer incentive cover by Katie Sawatsky. Check out the cover art below and stay tuned for more from IDW.

Sea of Sorrows #1


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