Vault Comics’ popular scifi fantasy tale She Said Destroy is set to release in trade paperback form this Wednesday. Written by Joseph Corallo and illustrated by Liana Kangas, the series also features colors by Rebecca Nalty, letters by Melanie Ujimori, and designs by Tim Daniel. Below is the synopsis from the publisher:

Over millenniums, Brigid, Goddess of the Sun, has conquered and converted the entire solar system into worshipping her and her alone, save one space colony. The witches of Fey are the last believers of The Morrigan, Goddess of Death, Brigid’s sister and the only other God left. As Brigid’s forces prepare for one final battle, The Morrigan prepares to do what she does best: Destroy!

Corallo said in a statement:

“She Said Destroy is both the story I’ve always wanted to tell since I was kid and a story I only knew I had in me about a year ago…I was always interested in stories that pushed the visual mediums they were in and didn’t feel like they had to be confined within our preexisting notions of what makes sense and what doesn’t. Stories that you immerse yourself in without question. Those sort of stories have followed me for nearly all of my life, but telling a story like that hadn’t occurred to me. I also have had interests and flirtations with paganism and Arthurian legend in the past.

All of these thoughts, ideas, and memories floated around my mind all doing their own thing until I had a conversation with my friend Beth about The Morrigan. She was expressing frustration with how The Morrigan is so often portrayed in literature and pop culture as being a villain when there is so much more you could do with them as a character. As that conversation was happening, all of those unconnected thoughts, ideas and memories going back decades all converged onto a single idea, which became She Said Destroy. It’s a story about The Morrigan, a God of Death, being a force for good, and Brigid, a God of the Sun, being a tyrant. The core of the idea and the main cast of characters all remained in tact from when I first started writing the pitch out about a year ago.

Liana Kangas, my collaborator and the illustrator of She Said Destroy, was my first choice on the project. I had met Liana at a signing at Forbidden Planet just a few months prior to this idea coming about, but we really hit it off and as soon as I had enough of the pitch written out I sent it to her. I didn’t know it at the time, but we had a lot of similar interests growing up and were quickly on the same page with the aesthetic of this story. I will note that Liana’s favorite Final Fantasy is X and mine is IX though, but we’ve worked past that. This comic is going to look gorgeous because of Liana. She makes me want to tell this story.”

She Said Destroy Trade Paperback will be available at local comic shops on Wednesday February 12. Before grabbing your copy, we have the entire first issue of the series here.