Have you had a chance to check out House of Slay on Tapas yet? The first six episodes of the webcomic by Jeremy Holt, Soo Lee, Kimi Lee, and AndWorld Design, with covers by Kevin Wada, are available to read on Tapas now, with the seventh chapter arriving tomorrow, Thursday, December 23rd, 2021… However, you can get an exclusive preview of the upcoming episode right here, today on The Beat!

House of Slay

House of Slay is inspired by the lives and likenesses of Prabal GurungLaura KimTina  LeungPhillip Lim, and Ezra J. William.

“For me, one of the greatest powers of superhero comics is how you can both escape and seek affirmation through them,” said Gurung. “I never saw superheroes who looked like me in the comics I read growing up, and that light went on during all the events of last year from George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter protests – it motivated us to show up. As one person you can make some noise and post something, but collectively you can start a revolution. As marginalized people, it’s our duty to speak up, and show up, so the next generation doesn’t have it as hard. And how do we start that conversation? I understood this power of visibility early on, how validating storytelling can be, to let your community and others going through it know that you are here and we are all seen. So, working on this comic was a very healing experience. Art is the biggest medium of healing. Maybe there’s a little Prabal somewhere reading House of Slay right now, and that’s so exciting.”

“The development of my superhero character in House of Slay felt like a journey of permission and self-discovery while allowing myself to tap into parts of me that I have kept dormant since childhood,” said Lim. “So when the final pages of the comics were revealed to us, it was a mixed bag of emotions ranging from pride to hesitation, then elation, and finally acceptance and understanding the importance of representation. The saying, ‘If you don’t see it, how can you be it?’ has never been more profoundly true.”

Episode 7 debuts tomorrow!

You can read the preview of House of Slay #7 below!

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You can read House of Slay on Tapas now!