In Martian Manhunter #7, writer Steve Orlando and artist Riley Rossmo’s reimagined origin story crosses its half-way mark. The first act or so of the story has seen J’onn J’onnz grappling with the type of person (a questionable police officer) he was on Mars. Meanwhile, a murder mystery has been unspooling on Earth. Well folks, from the looks of things it’s time to process all the guilt and just be better.

Martian Manhuter #7 sees J’onn and his human partner Diane fully engaged with solving the crime before them, a gruesome affair that involves a pig farm and human trafficking. After a few issues of back and forth, there are fewer secrets between them. They have, in effect, come to an understanding, putting their own relationship aside for the good of those they serve. It’s compelling stuff, to be sure. Plus, Rossmo’s artwork continues to be as out-of-this-world as the lead character.

Martian Manhunter #7 is out this week, and you can check out The Beat’s exclusive preview after the solicit. See J’onn “use the full spectrum of his Martian abilities on Earth for the first time!”

J’onn and Diane have had a break in the Ashley Addams case! With a fully armed S.W.A.T. team, they head to a pig farm an infamous human-trafficking cartel calls home. They’ll lead a raid to find out the truth about what happened to Ashley ,and J’onn will be forced to use the full spectrum of his Martian abilities on Earth for the first time!

Martian Manhunter #7Martian Manhunter #7Martian Manhunter #7

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