The holidays may be dominating our thoughts right now, but let’s not forget that next Wednesday, new comics are still coming out!

Last month, I reviewed Batman: Creature of the Night #1, a fascinating elseworlds Batman story that literalizes the intent behind the Dark Knight’s costume. In this book, Batman is not just an alter ego for Bruce Wainwright. It’s a physical manifestation of his fear and his desire for vengeance. It’s a monster in the truest, Gothic sense of the term. And it’s only grown stronger as Bruce has grown older. Now, as a young college student in control of a financial empire, how will he use the dangerous power he’s been gifted with?

Find out in the exclusive preview for Batman: Creature of the Night #2 after the jump.

Writer: Kurt Busiek

Artist: John Paul Leon

Letterer: Todd Klein

In a world where Batman is only a comic book character, young Bruce Wainwright is starting to feel a surprising strength and power grow inside him…and after years of mourning the loss of his parents, that power feels good–intoxicating, even! The question is, to what use will he put it? 


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