Grafity's Wall Cover

People think of a lot of different things when they think of a wall. The very concept of a wall has taken on many connotations in the current American political climate, as a symbol of safety to some and of racism to others. Either way, walls are, both figuratively and literally, intended to divide a physical space, and create a barrier between people on one side of the wall and the other.

In Grafity’s Wall, though, the titular structure has exactly the opposite effect. The last-standing piece of a demolished illegal tenement in the city of Mumbai, the wall becomes a unifying structure as artist Grafity creates a mural telling the stories of the people who live in his neighborhood.

You can read the full first chapter, exclusive to The Beat, of Ram V and Anand RK‘s Grafity’s Walbelow. The 144-page hardcover graphic novel is due out from Dark Horse in comic shops on Wednesday, March 25th, with a wide release on April 7th.

A coming-of-age graphic novel about rebellion, ambition, self-expression, and acceptance, expertly painted against the backdrop of Mumbai’s ever-changing and evolving street culture. Giving brief glimpses into the incandescent lives of four teens chasing their dreams impeded and inspired by the impossible city that they live in.