Tenacious D fans will soon have another item to add to their memorabilia for the “official Greatest Band in the World.” Post-Apocalypto, a graphic novel tie-in to the band’s album and movie of the same name, is hitting stores in September, and The Beat is pleased to present an exclusive look at the book’s front and back covers.

The full-color 180-page Tenacious D graphic novel is co-written by comedians/musicians Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the founders of the comedic rock duo known for songs such as “Wonderboy,” “Kielbasa,” “Double Team,” and “Dio.” Black is also the artist, hand-drawing the whole book himself, as he did for the animated movie of the same name.

The epic tale centers on the band as Black and Gass explore a post-apocalyptic hellscape. They will battle evil mutations that have resulted from an atomic blast and will make stops at the White House and in outer space as they try to save the planet from its fate.

Seattle’s Fantagraphics Books is set as the publisher, and fans who purchase the book will be able to download a read-along audio version of the book, voiced by the duo and featuring sweet Tenacious D tunes.

Post-Apocalypto is currently scheduled for hardcover release this September and will retail for $29.99. The book is available for pre-order on the publisher’s website. Check out an exclusive look at the cover and back cover below, as well as previously released interior pages of the comic.


Tenacious D Post-Apocalypto Post-Apocalypto

Post-Apocalypto Post-Apocalypto Post-Apocalypto