What happens when a morally questionable warrior, Hector, adventures with his uptight but optimistic elf nephew, Basri? Elf & Warrior gives you a peek into the wacky quests and inevitable trouble that will happen when this unlikely pair travels through a world of monsters, talking dog creatures called puglins, and an assortment of eccentric characters.

Created by AC Stuart and Victor Rosas II, the comedic fantasy web series offers amusing sight gags, funny dialogue, and a cast of kooky characters that will make you giggle out loud. Chapter 2’s introduction of the looney Gilly and a belligerent talking stump creature is just a small taste of some of the funniest moments in the series. It just gets sillier as the whole crew faces punishment among the puglins.

Poor Basri wants to keep his uncle on the straight and narrow, but the surly bandit can’t seem to help himself. Even as he and Gilly set out on their own, and he has a moment of moral clarity and protection for his nephew, his new crazy pants sidekick doesn’t have to say much to get him to do one more crime.

Elf & Warrior has a whopping 154 installments on Webtoons. The series updates every Wednesday. Get in on the adventure by reading Episode 1 here.

Elf & Warrior