Ever wonder what the stories behind your favorite GIFs are? Are you curious about the lives of the adorable dogs, cats, and babies who make up your most treasured memes and graphics? Well, Behind the GIFs can answer your questions…sort of. The free web series offers a humorous look at potential backstories for some of the most popular GIFs shared across the interwebs.

Creators AC Stuart and Kat Swenski take turns imagining how these GIFs came about. Why are those cats making out like people? What prompted those sheep to surround that car? That guy is awfully friendly with that horse…

The quick episodes all begin with a few panels of art leading up to the final swipe that features the GIF they are intending to explain. Some you can guess ahead of time while some you don’t get until the reveal, making reading them even more amusing. There were a few GIFs I’d never seen before, but the comedy still worked.

The concept of the series is fun, mainly due to the popularity of these little online graphic gems. I myself am a serial GIF-er, using them as a response to most things in my digital life (texts, social media posts, to confuse my mother-in-law on Facebook because she doesn’t know what they are and where they come from), which is why I was drawn to the series in the first place.

Head over to Webtoons to read through Behind the GIFs. There are hundreds to distract you, especially if you are locked in your house for the next few weeks thanks to COVID-19.  

Behind the GIFs