We just told you about the huge deal between French comics publisher Delcourt and Comixology to being a line of French comics to English via digital. Now here’s one example of why it’s big, an exclusive preview of the English language version of Pénélope Bagieu’s Josephine.

Bagieu is hugely popular in France for her down to earth comics about contemporary life. Her Exquisite Corpse was just published earlier this year by First Second; Josephine is her long running comic about a young woman with the usual complicated and annoying life—at least one of the strips below describes just about every day of my life, but I’ll let you guess which.

Josephine was adapted into a movie in 2013, so if you want to say this is the Bridget Jones’ Diary of France you’re pretty close. To this logline, Bagieu adds her own sophisticated and delightful line work and flair for great character design. They say humor doesn’t translate, but Josephine is one of the exceptions to that rule.







  1. I find it amusing that a story written by a woman epically fails the Bechdel test as the material shown has two women discussing a man. Hopefully this doesn’t reflect accurately on the work as a whole.

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